Pikichat simple photo chat app launched on iOS app store

Pikichat is the name of the latest iPhone app which has been launched on the iOS app store.  This is an awesome photo chat app which lets you share quirky photos.  The story behind the app is that it was coded within a week by two French engineers from the level of the ground up.

Pikichat simple photo chat app

Pikichat is a really simple to use app in which users can communicate with one another and also in groups.  This app easily acts as a communication tool in which you need to invite your friends first and then share pictures over your Smartphone itself.  But the one drawback or trick of this app is that when someone sends you a new photo, it replaces the existing one.  Basically, if you are in a group chat or conversation, then you can only view one photo at a time and comment on it.

Pikichat comes with a simple interface in which you can easily swipe from one screen to another.  When this app first hit the appstore, it became an immediate success among iPhone users.   This minimum viable product has become an overnight success and this proves that one doesn’t need 5 developers to create super product.

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