Pixotale: a social networking app with visual storytelling launched

Two ex-Microsoft engineers have come out with the launch of a new social networking app which is based on visual storytelling. This new app is called Pixotale and is a free app to download from the iTunes app store.

Pixotale App

Pixotale is a simple to use application which lets people connect with one another through personal stories.  The developers believe that personal storytelling, which is a more intimate form of communication, has been lost from the current social networking scenario and has launched this app to rekindle it.

After publishing their stories, users are alerted whenever they receive a like or comment on their story.  The app has been designed in such a way that making longer-form of content is easier even on your mobile phone. The simple interface lets users add videos, text, photos and audio easily.

Pixotale also enables users to work on their stories when they are not online.  You can save the stories and then publish them when you are online the next time.  Once you have worked on the end results, you can share them to social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and others.  These stories can also be viewed on the web.

Pixotale Download for iOS app (free)

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