Play Gearz Launches a wonderful gaming App for Kids named Yumby Smash

Play Gearz Inc has launched a new game that surprises kids and due to its excellent game play options, it stands out as the freaky monster among the kids. Its not like the boring puzzle games and requires no mental abilities to finish or win the game.

The game play of Yumby Smash is quite similar to the Angry Birds and users can fling their favourite Yumby in all directions. The game has 90 diabolically fun levels to finish and three complete worlds must be completed by the player.

Yumby Smash game

Player must try their best to gain game points and upgrade the Yumby by gathering more number of golds coins and smash all blocks that come in their way.

The most exciting part of the game is to unblock new Yumbies and upgrade entire stats to build new levels and share them over the internet. Users at regular intervals recharge energy power-ups for their Yumby as it can’t fly and smash out the obstacles when it runs short of the energy.

Yumby Smash iOS game
Features of the Yumby Smash game:

  • 3 complete worlds to finish
  • 90 different campaign levels to reach the final level of the game
  • players can create unlimited levels
  • Expansion packs that allow player to smash more obstacle

The game is compatible with every iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch.

Interested users can download the App from official iTunes App store.

Download link of gaming App:

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