PlayStation App for iOS Receives A Notable Update

Sony has rolled out an update to its PlayStation app for iOS, moving it to version 1.60.6. The revamp brings a couple of significant new features and enhancements.


This app was originally unleashed on iOS in last November and it serves as a companion app for the PlayStation 4. Alternatively, it works as a second-screen application as well as a social site for the PlayStation 4 players.

Firstly, the update brings Live from PlayStation functionality, which allows users to view live streams directly from Twitch and Ustream. It’s worth noting that this feature redirects you to a third-party web browser or to the corresponding live streaming service app in order to view a stream, as opposed to allowing you to view the stream directly from within the app.

Another notable feature that has been added in the revamp is the ability to playback a video in notifications from the PS Store. Moreover, the latest version will not couple with a PS4 system if that is in the standby mode. In addition, the app has also received stability enhancements.

iOS users can download the revamped version of PlayStation app right from the link given below. The app is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 6.0 or above.

PlayStation App download link for iOS (free)

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