Pool Master Pro App Review

How about playing a pool game on your device? Then this is the best game app. Pool Master Pro is a 3D pool game developed by TerranDroid. You will have a real pool playing experience with this app.

This game features 8 and 9 ball based levels in various challenging environments and different player modes. It consists of 3 game modes: Single player mode, Vs mode and Arcade mode. Single player mode is again divided into 2 types: practice mode and challenge mode. In practice mode, you will not have any time limit, whereas in the challenge mode, you will have a time limit. Your time will be extended whenever you put a ball into the pocket.

Pool Master Pro App


In the Vs mode, 2 players can play on the same board. You can play either with a computer based player or with your friend on the same board. Whereas in the Arcade mode, you should put all the balls into pocket within the provided limited number of cues. Here you do not find any time limit and rules, you should only concentrate on the limited number of cues. If you fail to put your ball within that range, you have to retry the level.

Pool Master Pro Game

In each and every game mode, you can select 8 ball or 9 ball pool. The controls are easy, you just have to adjust the angle of stick with your finger and tap on the power button that is present on the right side of your screen. That’s all!

Pool Master Pro Review

For the newbies who are not familiar with this game, practice mode provides a good chance of practice and play. You can change your stick as well as the playing table. They do not differ much, but they vary only in terms of color. This game consists of 3 levels of difficulty: easy, normal and hard. You are allowed to choose any one of them before you start your game.

The graphics and sound effects are good. This game will absorb you, as it has several game modes and difficulty levels. This game doesn’t disappoint the players who love to play pool.

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