Poster, a topnotch WordPress blogging App gets updated with version 2.0

Poster, a wordpress blog editing App that allows the users to quickly upload posts and mange the wordpress blog is updated to version 2.0. This App is supportive to both CMS, and

Poster 2.0 updates has come with more added features. The new features allows the WordPress users to insert images at desired location on the post by just tapping and positioning the image with in the editor.

Poster 2.0 App

The latest poster App lets it users to edit the post, set the post as sticky, save edited information to published posts and remove or alter the featured image of the blog post.

 Features of the updated Poster App:

  •  Users can create, edit and publish posts with the App settings and it even support custom type posts
  • Create new post and publish them directly by choosing text or any HTML file from the user’s Dropbox account
  • Users can upload images directly in to their blog posts by setting the featured image
  • Supports custom fields and different post formats
  • Users can toggle the comments received for posts
  • Share all blog posts through email or shell out them to social media networks like Twitter and Facebook
  • Edit made to posts are automatically saved and users need not save them manually

Poster 2.0 iOS App

The App runs fine on iPhone, iPod, iPad mini and iPad. Users can get the App for $2.99 from official iTunes App store.

Download link:

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