PriceJump app finds you the lowest price, online, on Amazon or in-store has come out with an all new app which is called PriceJump. This latest app provides its users with the best online price, the best in store price and the lowest price of all.  The app is also capable of helping you find the best Amazon price as well if you want Amazon to ship a product to your right away.


PriceJump offers both a barcode scanner and a search box which returns the real time prices from over 5000 online retailers, nearby stores and Amazon.  The prices given are represented in three columns-best, online and local, and this helps the shoppers in determining where to buy the particular product from.  PriceJump can also be useful for those who like to do most of their shopping from Amazon or wish to enjoy the 2-day shipping benefit with Prime.

PriceJump app from is less complex as compared to many of its competitors and sticks mainly to price comparisons.  You can also tap on items to read their reviews and product descriptions.  This app is simple to use and extremely quick as well. It is available to download from Apple’s iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad users.

PriceJump App Download for iPhone and iPad

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