Prince of Persia Shadow and the Flame Game Review

Classic games always have a charm of their own. Prince of Persia is one among such games, which has been prominent since decades. Now, the Ubisoft has unleashed the latest version of the game called Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame for Android and iOS users.

Prince of Persia

Initially, Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame was launched in the year 1993 for desktop. Now the new mobile versions feature upgraded graphics and challenges.

The game continues the legend of the wanderer who was born as a prince. Now his goal is to set on an adventure in search of his past that will delineate his future.

This game features a story mode, but there is also a world map through which you can replay any of your desired levels if you want.

Prince of Persia app

The game brings several levels and different environments to explore. Similar to the original game, you will encounter few standard roadblocks, as well as new enemies. Additionally, you will also come across some spots where you have to fight with several enemies at once. The combat system has also been reworked to test your skills.

Like the original version, in this game too the character climbs, docks, jumps and run to reach his destination. The pulchritude of the game is the puzzle. You should carefully discover your route, or else you may die. All along your way, you will have potions and treasures, which you need to find, overcoming the obstacles. Besides, you will also have multiple swords and fighting combos. You can spend your earned coins to purchase additional combos and swords.

Prince of Persia game

To encourage you more, the game features numerous Achievements, including the ‘blood on your hands’ (you achieve when you defeat 3 palace guards). You are allowed to share your achievements on Facebook.

You will also have a special time challenge in this game: every time you complete a level, you can see the time length within which you complete it and the time you should have taken. Additionally, the statistics will display the amount of treasure you have managed to explore.

Prince of Persia for ios and android

Overall, this is a good engaging game. Sound effects and graphics are stunning. Don’t miss the game if you love to play action-based games.

This game is available for both iOS and Android users.

Download link for iOS

Download link for Android

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