Punch Quest Game Review

RocketCat Games together with Madgarden has developed the game, Punch Quest. This is an endless runner game, which includes intense combat system and focus on destroying as many evil monsters as possible unlike other runner games. This feature makes the game more of an endless puncher rather than an endless runner game.

Punch Quest

In this game, you take the control the main character who has to run endlessly through the levels punching everything from skeletons to chilli-induced hallucinations along his way to survive. The fighting is surprisingly not that easy with 2 different inputs; forward-punching and uppercutting. You need to press dash punch button present on the right hand side of your screen to punch and press uppercut button on the left side to perform uppercut.

Punch Quest app

You will have certain special abilities that can help you advance your game. These abilities helps you gain punchos, serves as an in-game money. With your earned punchos, you can purchase different super moves, upgrades, powerups and personalize the character’s outfit with new gears. Players are also allowed to buy additional punchos. But there will not be any need to buy additional punchos as you can plentifully earn them in the game by destroying your enemies and completing your objectives.

Punch Quest game

Based on what you punch, you will encounter secret areas and rare monsters. The main attraction of this game is that when you punch some special items, you will transform into a gnome or ride on a dynamic dinosaur that expel laser beams. There are also minibosses, collectible items and other attractions that completely involve you in the game.

This game is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Grab this exciting game and see how far you can get through in this game!

Download link for iOS devices 

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