Pushpin for Pinboard Gets Overhauled for iOS 7

The Pinboard client on iOS, Pushpin has been updated, moving it to version 3.0. The revamp brings a brand-new iOS 7-inspired design and a plethora of other enhancements that should delight dedicated Pushpin users.

Pushpin for Pinboard

As aforementioned, the app has been completely redesigned to add a new design, of course, inspired by iOS 7. Now the interface is simple and flat and it is in line with the visual style of iOS 7. Alongside, the iPad edition has also received a split pane interface that provides a nifty experience to big-screen users.

The search functionality has been enhanced, which now allows you to search across different fields, URLs, entire text, tags, titles, and descriptions within bookmarks. The update also brings support for syncing your saved content through iCloud and sharing through the App.net apps, including Riposte, hAppy, Felix, and Netbot.

The update also includes the following features:

  • Ability to swipe right to edit and swipe left to remove.
  • You can now Expand tap areas for tags (you can now tap on them to filter your bookmarks by that tag).
  • You can activate/terminate auto-capitalization and auto-correct functionalities while editing bookmark descriptions.
  • Add the ability to assign the default bookmark feed when starting off the app.
  • You can add the option to instantly mark unread bookmarks as read when you open them.
  • Bulk-editing mode: You can now mark multiple bookmarks as read within the main bookmark list.
  • Ability to mark bookmarks as read when viewing a bookmark within the app’s built-in browser.
  • Compressed mode limits your descriptions to 2 lines and tags to a single line. You can activate this functionality through Settings menu. You can click the ellipsis when tags are limited to a single line to view additional tags.
  • You can now share stuff to Netbot, Felix, Riposte, or Happy.
  • Support for iCloud syncing.
  • Significantly faster searching and remote syncing.

iOS users can download the latest version of Pushpin for Pinboard directly from the link provided below. The app is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 7.0 or above.

Pushpin for Pinboard download link for iOS (grab the update for free or pay $9.99 if downloading the app for the first time)

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