Raging Thunder App Review

Raging thunder is a wonderful car racing game developed by Polarbit. This is a 3D game with excellent graphics. This game mainly focuses on the accessibility, speed and fun.

Raging Thunder App

While you race, 2 speed based meters, a lap, a speedometer, a time count and a radar screen are displayed on your screen. All these are arranged in an unobtrusive manner on your screen. This game consists of 4 game modes: quick race, arcade, championship and time attack. In quick race, you have to drive as long as you can while collecting the lightning bolts that come in your way.

Raging Thunder Game

In arcade mode, you are allowed to choose a vehicle and drive as much distance as you can. In championship mode, you have to collect cash icons to purchase your vehicle upgrades. Whereas in the time attack mode, you have to achieve track-time on any of the tracks that were unlocked in the championship mode.

In every game mode, your car accelerates automatically and you have to control turning by tilting your device. During the race, you find lightning bolts and skull icons all along your way. When you collect lightning bolts, it increases your boost bar. When you tap on it, it provides a temporary speed boost. Skulls should be avoided, as you contact with the skull icon, it drains the boost bar. If it comes to zero percent, it slows down your car to a crawl for 5 seconds. A tackle bar is also present on your screen, which glows when you are near to any opponent.

Raging Thunder Review

This game supports both single and multiplayer modes. Multiplayer mode permits up to 4 players to compete with you on the same Wi-Fi network. In this mode, a player hosts the game while others join. The game has impressive graphics and good soundtrack.

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