Rdio Releases Free Music Stations On iOS and Android

The trailblazing internet radio service, Rdio, receives a major update on iOS and Android. Now its personalized streaming stations can be accessed for free on both the platforms, even by those whose trials/subscriptions have ended.


But the ‘Free Stations’ offer is only available for the US, Australia and Canada residents. This free app does not support ads between tracks, at least at the present time. The app is attempting to hook more listeners with its free service, then getting them to sign up for a monthly subscription service that will enable them to select their favorite songs and albums directly.

In addition, there’s also a ‘Station Sharing’ functionality. If you find any station that your dear ones would love, you can share it through Twitter, Facebook, or via the app directly.

Furthermore, the updated version also brings new playlist and album stations, on top of the existing 10 other station types. This offers a boundless stream of your favorite songs. With the introduction of these stations, the Rdio service has more station types than any other service in the market.

Lastly, the update brings several enhancements to User Interface and minor bug fixes for better performance.

iOS and Android users can download the latest version of Rdio from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Rdio download link for iOS (free)

Rdio download link for Android (free)

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