Rdio Update Brings Station Tuning Feature and Refreshed Collection to iOS Users

The music subscription service, Rdio has launched an update to its native iOS app. Version 2.3.1 brings a handful of enhancements to the app.

Rdio Rdio app

The most significant feature in the update is Station Tuning. This feature allows users to set up any of their desired stations to play more familiar tunes. In addition, the Collection section has also been redesigned, allowing you to browse through it smoothly with a new album art view.

The update also brings enhancements to Search functionality. You can now refine your search by albums, people, tracks, labels and albums. The latest version also includes different User Interface improvements and petty bug fixes.

Download the updated version of Rdio from Apple App Store for free. It works with iDevices running on iOS version 5.0 or above.

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