Readbl Inc Launches a new App to track junk mail distributors

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–>Readbl, Inc has launched a new App named PaperKarma that tracks down junk mails automatically and removes the email address of recipients from the distribution list.

The App works mainly to stop the junk mails that you often receive from advertising companies or any product selling companies. Users can find request status windows on the App, that guides you to view all your pending and undelivered junk mail requests.

PaperKarma App

Features of the App:

  • If an advertising company is planning to send you junk mail, the App will find it out and removes your mail address or name from the mailing list of the company.
  • It’s easy to navigate through the App, users can just capture a photo and then click ‘unsubscribe’ option to delete all junk mails.
  • Check the mail that you have submitted to the App and see whether Paperkarma eliminates it or not.
  • Track the decrease in amount of paper waste for every month
  • Share all your environmental accomplishments to friends through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Paperkarma iOS App

The App will remove junk mails related to few companies and paperkarma makes use of the Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to track the company details that are not available in its database.

It is recommended for all users to try out the free version of the App available at the iTunes App store and get rid of unwanted junk mails.

Download the iOS version of Paperkarma App:

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