Readdle Releases PDF Expert 5 On iOS

Readdle has unleashed a new version of its PDF and file management app for iPad on the Apple App Store. Version 5 packs a new iOS 7-inspired design, besides several new features which will enhance file management.

PDF Expert 5

The latest version sports a new flat and clean design that’s in line with iOS 7 interface. The company says that the app now looks perfect on iPad. Alongside new interface, the update also brings an all-new file manager:

  • Drag and Drop Files functionality: You are now allowed to move your folders and files with you finger to your desired destination. You can also drag the files to iCloud or Dropbox in order to upload them to your accounts.
  • Favorites: The app lets you pile up all your frequently opened files on a sidebar for a quicker access.
  • Color Tags: You can now assign different color tags to your folders and files, sort them by unique look!
  • Background downloads: You can now download files from online services, including Dropbox. moreover, you will be able to read as well as edit your documents while you’re downloading something from the cloud.
  • Support for Windows Shares (SMB): You can access Windows Shares from within the app. Connect to your shared documents on your Windows PC and sync all of your documents between your PC and iDevice.

PDF Expert 5 app

The PDF Viewer has also been enhanced, which now supports the following features:

  • Full-screen mode annotations: You can hide every single element with the exception of your annotation toolbar that requires a lot less space on the screen.
  • Smart Zoom: It’s a breeze to create notes on margins or depicting a detailed picture with this smart zoom feature.
  • Reading Mode: There’s also a reading mode that can make your reading experience much smoother. It features Sepia or Night mode, you can adjust brightness, use Crop mode in order to wipe out unnecessary document margins automatically.
  • You can now scroll a page both in vertical and horizontal ways.
  • Support for AirDrop: You can now share your desired files with other iDevice users through peer-to-peer connection.

PDF Expert 5 for ios

The update also brings a new Audiobook Mode, which allows you to listen to audio files or ebooks. This feature takes the advantage of the iOS 7 text to speech API in order to read them aloud.

Finally, there’s a Review Mode that lets you mark up PDF files in an easy and interesting way. Just tap anywhere on the document you would like to make changes and make corrections in the text editor. Moreover, the eliminated text is marked as removed, while the content added to the document is shown as a new text in varied colors.

PDF Expert 5 app for ipad

Indeed, PDF Expert 5 has got a slew of welcome new features which definitely delight dedicated PDF Expert users.

The new PDF Expert 5 for iOS is downloadable via the link given below. The is only compatible with iPad running on iOS version 6.0 or above.

PDF Expert 5 download link for iPad ($9.99)

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