Recipe Management App, Paprika for iPad and iPhone Receives iOS 7 Overhaul

Hindsight Labs releases a major update to its recipe management app, Paprika for both iPad and iPhone editions.


Firstly, the app has been completely optimized for the Apple’s latest OS. Alternatively, the app has been refreshed based on the visual style of iOS 7. And also, it has been enhanced with fixes for a plenty of database issues related to iOS 7.

The app’s Cloud sync feature has also been revamped and optimized to sync more handily and frequently. Now you can access all your stuff like recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists from any device on the go.

You are also allowed to organize your major categories into groups of subcategories. Moreover, the ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Top Rated’ categories have been eliminated. Instead, you can easily group your categories by most recent or star rating.

Paprika app

The update brings the following list of improvements for recipes:

  • You are allowed to pin active recipes to easily toggle between them.
  • Now the timers will be automatically detected in your directions. Just click on one to begin a new timer. You will have up to 3 active timers counting down in the toolbar.
  • Added support for AirDrop, allowing you to share your recipes with your dear ones.
  • Enhancements to recipe printing functionality.
  • You can customize the ingredients or directions keyboard shortcut bar and there’s also support for auto-completion of ingredients, numbers, and quantities.
  • In the main recipes list, you will be able to tap and hold your desired recipe to access quick actions.
  • If any recipe has been clipped from a website, and it consists of an image, you can click that image to zoom in.

Moreover, the Browser has also been improved with modernized clipboard tools. And, when you download a recipe from a website, it is now copied to your clipboard tools, allowing you to make your desired adjustments before you save the recipe.

Paprika for ios

The Grocery List has also been improved with the following features:

  • Ability to add multiple items to your grocery list at once. The entry field remains active until you complete adding items.
  • Support for auto-completion.
  • You are now able to export your grocery list to Reminders.
  • When your list blends similar ingredients, you can click on an item to view the original ingredients and quantities.

Now the Pantry is a new subsection that enables you to record standard ingredients, which you’ve already at your home. The Pantry items will be unrestrained automatically when you include a recipe to your grocery list. In addition, Menus are also a new subsection now under Meal Planner. Just take your desired meals and make a list of reusable menus from them, and save for later use.

Furthermore, the update also brings a long list of enhancements for its Importers and Meal Planner.

This is definitely a very big update with welcome new features and enhancements. A great treat for dedicated Paprika users!

The updated versions of Paprika for iPhone and iPad are downloadable via the following links. Both iPad and iPhone versions are compatible with iOS 7 or above firmware. Users can grab the update for free or should pay $4.99 if downloading for the first time.

Paprika download link for iPad

Paprika download link for iPhone

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