Reckless Getaway App Review

Reckless Getaway is a racing game developed by Polarbit. This game consists of a challenging gameplay which keeps you entertained for hours.

Reckless Getaway Review

In this game, you play as a bank robber. You have to escape from the cops by overcoming the obstacles in your way. You need to drive your car at a high speed and avoid other cars, police car chases and other obstacles that come in your way. Collect power ups and coins that are available along your way to upgrade your star ratings. Amazing ramp jumps, destructions, trick maneuvers and several other forms of mayhem add to your score. Try to avoid large hindrances like deep ravines, building walls, and chronic collisions with other vehicles that come in your way. If you do so, a star will be eliminated from your overall ranking. These star rankings are very essential to unlock further levels in the game.

Reckless Getaway Game

This game consists of 16 visually wonderful tracks. The controls are easy and effective. The graphics are colorful and bright, and several kinds of obstacles keep you engaged all the time. You are allowed to post your score to the global leaderboards, though this is not a multiplayer game.

Reckless Getaway App

On the whole, this is a different racing game which has been wonderfully executed. Even if you have not played this type of racing game before, you may find the game controls are easy. Grab this excellent game and post your high score to the leaderboards to show off your score!

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