Reflex Game, Circle Stop Hits iOS

Twenty Percent releases a new game called Circle Stop on iOS. It’s a reflex game that features an addictive, simple one-button gameplay.

Circle Stop

This game works like another game named Brutal Loop. It features a small spinner and a larger circular pattern of immense explosion of colors. The spinner goes round and round around the larger circular pattern, and players need to tap anywhere on the screen to stop it. You will gain points based on the color at which the spinner has stopped.

Hit green targets to get handsome points. Hit pink color targets to get even more score. If you will not hit any targets you will get a black & white burst and a strike; if you get 3 strikes, you’re out. Moreover, you will also have lone bonus circles and circles with tails, which you can slide on by just tapping and holding on the screen.

As you progress, speed of the rotating circle and the frequency of other circles appearing increase. In addition, you can also pick different colored themes through the app’s Settings menu.

iOS users can download this new Circle Stop game directly from the following link. The app is downloadable for $0.99 and it works with all the iDevices that run on iOS version 4.0 or above firmware.

Circle Stop download link for iOS ($0.99)

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