Roach Smasher- a simple gaming App to play for iPhone users

Roach Smasher is a simple game to pickup and play whenever you get the free time. This bug-smashing game was created by S Games and unlike other smashing games, the Roach Smasher will stand at top place due to it funny graphics and attractive game-play options.

The game is quite easy to play and the main aim of the players is to smash every roach that comes in your path. The more number of bugs you smash, the more you gain points. The game comes to an end, in case if you leave out more bugs without smashing them.

Roach Smasher App

The roaches that appear in the game are colourful and they get changed for every few seconds making it more pleasant for the players to play.

On continuous smashing of bugs, players are provided with points of worth 1, 2, 3 and the number gets increased until you continue smashing the bugs. Whenever the player misses, the counter returns back to 1.

Roach Smasher iPhone App

Interesting features of the gaming App:

  • Players can find animated graphics with funny colors
  • A different kind of roaches will appear in the game to give a fresh look
  • Responsive touch controls to ensure that more focus is laid on coming poaches but not on the missed poaches while playing
  • High score leader board that depicts all your top performances

The App works fine on every iPhone device and other iOS devices.

Download this gaming App for $0.99 at the link:

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