Rovio Updates Its Bad Piggies iOS app with New Levels and Gadgets

To entertain you more, Rovio has launched a major update to its most popular iOS app, Bad Piggies. The updated version brings lots of new and exciting features to the gaming freaks.

Bad Piggies

Now the updated version features 15 new levels and 2 new gadgets. It also allows the players to record and share their best tricks with their friends through social networks. Now the game has more than 100 levels and 21 additional stages to unlock if they gain all the stars, 8 different sandbox levels and a most-challenging sandbox level, which can only be accessed by collecting all the skulls.

Bad Piggies app

With the new version, players can now climb up the walls using a newly added suction cup gadget and smash their way using a beautiful spring-loaded boxing glove. The game also includes new sandbox levels as well as an exciting Road Hog challenge.

Bad Piggies game

Both the iPad and iPhone paid versions got the complete update, while the free versions have only received 5 new levels to play. Users need to spend $0.99 to grab the paid version. The updated iPad and iPhone apps are available in the Apple App Store. Grab this wonderful game and have an unlimited fun!

Download link for iPhone version free / paid

Download link for iPad version free / paid

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