Save Galaxy from Wicked Invading Robots in Robots Love Ice Cream for iOS

Ayopa Games LLC unleashes a new arcade shooter called Robots Love Ice Cream on iOS platform. Travel across the galaxy and discover amazing worlds as you blow out the evil invading robots using your in awe firepower.

Robots Love Ice Cream

The game is a combination of fearful war treats and fun. In this game, players need to save humanity’s imperative supply of ice cream from wicked robots who are attempting to loot it for themselves.

Game features:

  • Battle against invading robots using weaponized ice cream.
  • Each planet brings several unique challenges.
  • You will have combos to create havoc. Your weaponized ice cream is much powerful along with your combis. Battle your way, wipe out more robots and gather more Sprinkletonium.
  • Step into new magical worlds. Venture throughout the galaxy, destroying the robot menace on desert planets, exciting frozen tundra terrains and so on.
  • As you advance, you will find more robots and planets. Each new enemy makes it more tough for you to survive and save the galaxy’s ice cream supply.
  • With the collected Sprinkletonium you can enhance your weaponized ice cream.
  • The game features impressive multi-dimensional gameplay.

Robots Love Ice Cream app

iOS users can download the Robots Love Ice Cream game from the following link. The app is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad powered by iOS version 6.0 or above.

Robots Love Ice Cream download link for iOS ($0.99)

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