Scoulver for iOS Receives Support for iCloud Syncing

New version of Scoulver, the notepad-calculator app for iOS, is now available in the Apple App World. The app gets a lot new features, including the support for iCloud syncing.


Mac version of Scoulver had received iCloud support for syncing in the last year. Now this feature is made available for iOS users, allowing users to sync documents across their devices. You can still use Dropbox syncing like earlier. Before you update, sync your current version of the app with Dropbox, or else you might have to drag your files manually stored somewhere in your Dropbox.

The update also brings support for subfolders available in the iCloud and Dropbox.

Additionally, the update also adds support for URL protocols that can be used in the applications like Launch Center Pro. With the help of these URL protocols, you can fire up the app, create a fresh document with text or affix text to any of your existing document.

Scoulver app

The app also includes other enhancements:

  • A preference is added to create a new document when getting back to the app after 5 minutes of idleness.
  • Hit the status bar to scroll to the top.
  • A line reference is shown up when you click on an answer. Just hold down on any of the answers to get access for big answer, copy and format.

iOS users can download the updated version of Scoulver from Apple App Store for $2.99. If you already have the app installed on your device, you can grab the update for free.

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