Scramble – a word puzzle game for iPad and iPhone users

Scramble, a mind-altering puzzle game designed specially for iPad and iPhone users. Players have to rearrange a group of letters to form a meaningful word within few turns.

Unlike the other puzzle word iOS games, Scramble is bit different. The players have to move a group of one or more letters by dragging it either to left side or right side and the dragged words will reappear in reverse manner on opposite side when you view it on the screen.

Scramble word puzzle game

A thumbnail photo is placed at the background of each puzzle and on touching photo, the puzzle opens up on full screen. The final letter in the game is followed by a superscript that indicates minimum number of moves that are to be made to solve the puzzle. The number gets incremented every time for a single move that you make during the gameplay.

Scramble word puzzle iOS game

Feature Highlights:

  • Challenging puzzle games that lets you drag letters off-screen
  • Players require spatial and linear thinking skills
  • Simple gameplay that allows you to think before moving a single letter
  • Stunning HiRes photos
  • Challenge and compete with friends to find solutions for the puzzles that require 2, 3 or 4 moves

Word puzzle games are favourite for most of the puzzle fans and Scramble is one such puzzle game that gives amazing experience for iOS device users.

The App is available worldwide for $0.99 at iTunes App store and users can find it under the games category.

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