Scramble with Friends App Review

This is a multiplayer word game developed by Zynga. You can join with strangers or your buddies to create larger words and gain high score. This game is similar to a game called Words with Friends. The gameplay is almost similar but the way you make up the words varies.

Scramble with Friends

A grid of letters is displayed on your game screen. Your main job here is to make up the words by connecting the letter tiles. To do that, you need to swipe across the letter tiles to connect them. You can connect the letters in backwards, sideways, forward or any way. Gain as many points as possible by connecting the words in the random letters grid.

Mainly 3 rounds are present in this game: The first round is a basic one without any multipliers. The second round consists of a double letter tiles and double word, whereas the third round consists of three letter tiles and triple word. Each round consists of a time limit within which you have to complete as many words as you can. You don’t get much time to seriously think of the words.

Scramble with Friends App

Three power ups are available in this game. Each one has a different feature. First one is a Freeze power up which freezes the board for certain time, thus stops the clock and allows you to make more words. The second one is inspiration power up which displays 3 random words. And the third one is a scramble power up which alters the board’s perspective to provide you different angle. Per each round, you can only use a single power up for free and it costs you if you have to use another one.

Scramble with Friends Review

You and your opponent play the game in rounds. If you don’t find any company to play with, you can select online random opponents to play. Have a great time playing with your friends!

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