Seahorse App Launched to Build Lasting Photo and Video Albums

Seahorse is the name given to the latest app that has made an entry into the iOS app store. This app lets you collaborate photo and video albums with your friends and family. This app can be considered as an alternative to your phone’s gallery.


Seahorse is an app which also lets you filter your past photos by place, time or also according to those who you were with in those photos.  Another feature which this app supports is that it also lets your friends add photos or videos shared between you and them.  The main highlight of this app is how it treats your videos and photos after they are shared.  Users can delete photos from a scene for upto a week using this app and this is irrespective of the fact who added them.

Seahorse focuses on the co-ownership of the photos.  Another feature supported by it is the photo discovery feature according to which the photos of the current date can be brought back in previous years. This feature is called ‘Flashback’.  All pictures can be synced in with Dropbox and shared on Facebook. Log on to the iTunes app store to download this app.

Seahorse App Download for iOS App (free)

Seahorse App Download for Android App (free)

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