Seesaw App for iPhone gets updated with new features

Seesaw, an iPhone App that allows users to share their favourite images via text messages and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a best way to receive opinion of your friends as they vote for the images that you have posted or shared.

This amazing App has been updated with a new Explore view and with the new update, users have to just tap on the global tab to access the image and view featured users and their timelines.

Seesaw App

 With the latest handy search bar, users can now search for their friends or hashtags. The update has even added the ability to edit the website address and shorten profile information in your account settings. These updated profile details are displayed on other users profiles.

Seesaw iPhone App


  • Users can easily take decisions by creating a poll and sharing it with some specific friends to receive their opinions
  • Share photos of your choice on Twitter or Facebook and keep them private to restrict other users from viewing it except for few friends
  • View results and opinions posted by other users
  • Help other users by voting and sharing opinions on their poll
  • New explore view
  • Users can search for other users or hastags
  • Show website address and bio of your profile
  • Improved notifications
  • Minor bug fixes

Visit iTunes App store and browse through Lifestyle category to download the free App.

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