Shoot the Apple App Review

If you are a fan of Angry Birds, you can try out this Shoot the Apple game. The gameplay of this game is similar to the Angry Birds game. This game too deals with aiming a target and firing the objects to the target by destroying the obstacles that are in your way. Though the gameplay is similar, Shoot the Apple differs in a number of ways from Angry Birds which makes the game much more interesting. Why don’t you try out this game once?

Shoot the Apple App

The alien is very much interested in getting the apple. As a player, you have to help the alien in reaching the apple. You are provided with a cannon with which you have to shoot aliens towards the apple. You can’t just directly shoot the apple, there is a twist here. The apple will be hidden behind some obstacles. You have to hit the obstacles, clear your way and reach the apple. When you hit the apple, you complete the level and move on to the next level.

Shoot the Apple Game

The game consists of several different themes and each theme consists of different kinds of puzzles. Every level consists of a 3 star rating. Based on your performance you are awarded 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars. If you want to gain all the 3 stars, you can retry the level as many times as you wish. If you use little number of aliens to hit the apple, you gain more coins. These coins can be used to unlock further levels. If you miss the apple and lose the level, you can retry the level again.

Shoot the Apple Review

The controls are very simple in this game. You just need to tap on the cannon, adjust the angle and then drag your finger back and release. That’s it, it will fire the alien to your destination. You should carefully adjust the angle to shoot the aliens, as less number of aliens will get you more coins which are essential to unlock the further groups. Try this game once, you will definitely like it!

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