Shoots & Leaves for iOS Turns Your Images Into Links

Smart Goat releases a new photo app called Shoots & Leaves on iOS. The app allows users to capture a photo and then it creates a link to that photo in order to let them use it anyway they want.

Shoots & Leaves

As soon as you launch the app, it always features a camera screen, allowing you to instantly capture a photo. Each snap you shoot is uploaded to an image hosting service automatically. After it’s uploaded, the app creates a link to that photo, which will then be sent to the selected action.

Click on the button available in the lower left or simply swipe to the right to alter the image hosting service that’s currently used for uploading your snaps. The app’s default image hosting service is Imgur, users will be able to change that to Dropbox or CloudApp.

The company says that the app uploads all of the user’s photos to photo hosting services, so they don’t clutter their camera roll or their photostream with photos they doesn’t want to keep forever.

Shoots & Leaves app

You can set up multiple photo hosting services and varied actions. Most of the actions will include a template, which you can use to design how the content will look when it’s passed forward.

Once the app gets a link to the uploaded photo, users can choose to set up a reminder in the Reminders app, send the link through an email/text message, copy it to the clipboard. or open it in Safari browser.

iOS users can download the new Shoots & Leaves for $1.99 from the following link. The app works with iDevices running on iOS 7.0 or above firmware.

Shoots & Leaves download link for iOS ($1.99)

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