Sketch book Pro for iPad receives a new update

Sketch Book Pro, an iPad App that looks similar to a drawing software for PC receives a new update that brings in few significant features.  The time-lapse recording feature of the App lets the users to convert and save all their speed drawing sessions as videos within the App.

The other latest enhancement made to Sketch Book Pro is introducing a new smudge brush and with the latest update, the App will now support exporting images to popular social media network of china, Sina Weibo.

Sketchbook App

 The update even improves the the quality of pencil brush and reduces its minimum radius. Users in order to view the new results, must reset the brush by tapping and holding the brush editor.

Apart from these features, the update adds stylus action buttons to support the smart pens of third-party iPads.

Sketch book iOS App


  • Introduces a new tool bar that includes pop-over for text and support time-lapse record
  • Brush Palette can be now scrollable to 24 customizable slots
  • Updated Brush palette provides quick access to Smudge and Last brush
  • Provides radial menu to save custom brush and various colour combinations
  • Users can either import or export their favourite images from iTunes Filesharing or Dropbox
  • Supports toggle visibility, dynamic symmetric drawing and adjust layer opacity

Download this free sketching App for $2.99 by visiting iTunes App store.

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