Sling Revamps Its TV-Streaming App for iOS and Android

The boundary between the live TV and Set-top streaming has just got blurred even more as Sling Media has launched a major update to its SlingPlayer app for iOS and Android.


Firstly, SlingPlayer for iPad now serves as a second-screen app that turns your device into first screen. The app also brings a new user interface that centers heavily on content discovery. In addition to these, the update brings the following features to US and Canada users:

  • Now program discovery is a breeze.
  • View live sports stats.
  • View movie ratings.
  • Ability to see what your buddies like.
  • Integration with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Supports split-screen viewing as well as navigation.

Moreover, you can also use social media for discovering the content. Easily filter live TV programs based on the social media likes, and once you are tuned in, you can join Twitter conversation with live feed of most relevant tweets.

Users can also send their favorite shows to their Apple TV through AirPlay and use their iPad as a remote control.

SlingPlayer app

Alongside iPad update, the company has also released a notable revamp for iPhone and Android smartphone users: The app now supports Roku streaming devices. With the SlingPlayer app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you will be able to watch your favorite live and recorded shows on another television that’s coupled with Roku. Also, the app works with Roku as a remote control that helps you navigate recorded and live TV shows from your Slingbox.

Furthermore, the company says that they will be optimizing SlingPlayer app across different Windows 8.1 devices like desktop, laptop, surface tablet and so on.

You can download the latest version of SlingPlayer app for iOS and Android from the following links. Both iOS and Android users can download the update for free or should pay $14.99 if downloading for the first time.

SlingPlayer download link for iPad

SlingPlayer download link for iPhone

SlingPlayer download link for Android (only phones)

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