Sonic Dash- an endless running game for iOS users

Sonic Dash, an endless runner game that runs on iOS devices. The gameplay of the Sonic Dash resembles Temple run, Subway Surfers and many other running games.

The game involves a character named ‘sonic’ and players have to run the Sonic across different 3D filled environment that contains obstacles and enemies. Players have to either swipe up, down or side ways to escape from the obstacles.

Sonic Dash iOS App

By swiping down, the sonic gets turned into a ball that can destroy enemies coming your way. During the travel, players can even gather gold coins that will in turn helps them in purchasing upgrades available at the in-game shop.

On collecting required number of rings, the ring meter gets filled up and players have to tap on the dash button once the meter gets filled to make Sonic perform a new action named ‘dash’. By switching to dash action, sonic destroys everything that comes in the sonic’s path at invariable speed.

Sonic Dash App

Players on gathering gold coins are capable of unlocking or buying different power-ups to run faster and power-ups available within the App includes head starts, revives and ring magnets etc. Users can even challenge their friends by placing their highest individual score on Leaderboard.

Download this stunning running game from iTunes App store for $1.99.

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