Speed Night App Review

Speed Night is a unique 3D car racing game developed by ICLOUDZONE INC. This game takes place in the midnight time. Take up the challenge and drive your car at a high speed in the midnight.

Speed Night App

In this game, you have to drive your car in the midnight. After you gain certain speed, the other cars that are present on the road will serve as your obstacles. The controls are very simple. You just need to tilt your device to control your car’s turnings and to collect the coins that come in your way; and to accelerate your car, you just have to tap on the screen. Not only coins, there are so many power ups to collect, such as magnet which can attract the surrounding coins, stealth which can cross the NPC, and life increase which adds an extra life to you when collected. But the life increase increases your life when you have less than 3 lives.

Speed Night Review

When you get a high score and your record is breaking, you gain double of your collecting coins as your reward. After you gain sufficient coins and reach a level, you are allowed to unlock new cars. You can submit your high scores to the online leaderboards or you can share through your Facebook or Twitter.

Speed Night Game

According to your performance on the spot, you gain some experience, this can raise your level. This is an addictive game which allows you to enjoy the racing with luxury cars. Install this game and have a great experience with midnight driving!

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