Spider Man: Unlimited new game announced for Android, iOS and Windows

Spider Man Unlimited new game announced for Android, iOS and Windows

Gameloft, in partnership with Marvel has announced a new Spider Man based game for mobile devices and this game is being called Spider Man: Unlimited.  This new game is all set to be launched on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms in September this year.

What is special about this game is the fact that Marvel has used several of the past variations of the superhero and users will get to see 23 different variations of Spider Man in Spider Man: Unlimited.  The users will be able to upgrade to all 23 of the variations but the 5 main versions that were showcased on the trailer of this game are: Iron Spider Man, the original spider man, Spider Man Noir, Ben Reilly Spider Man and Future foundation Spider Man.

The entire game is set in New York and its animation has been shared with Captain America.  In this game, users will have to face the Formidable Sinister Six which is a team of villains comprising of Vulture, Electro, and Doctor Octavius among others.  This game will be based on episode style storyline and the gameplay is expected to be very challenging and equipped with exceptional graphics and background music score.

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