Spoiler Shield for iOS Enables Users to Block Spoilers in Their Social Media Feed

A new app called Spoiler Shield has arrived in the Apple App Store! This app works like Silencer Chrome app, which allows users to block social media updates that specify their chosen shows with just a click.

Spoiler Shield

This app associates with your Twitter and Facebook accounts to block updates about your favorite television shows/sports teams in the social feed. Unlike Silencer, Spoiler Shield users are not allowed to search and silence any terms they like, but can select from over 30 pre-selected television shows, in addition to MLB and NFL teams.

Spoiler Shield app

When you activate Spoiler Shield for any TV program or sports franchise, a golden-colored shield masks any spoiling post. However, you can view the title and name of the person posting, so you can decide whether to reveal the shielded post or not; you just have to double-tap on the post to reveal it.

In addition to blocking the updates that specifically mention the TV show’s name, the app also makes use of the algorithms to block familiar phrases and words from the shows.

Spoiler Shield for ios

Currently, Spoiler Shield is only available for iOS users. While the Android users need to wait for a while to get their hands on the app.

iOS users can download Spoiler Shield from Apple App Store for free. The app works with iDevices running iOS version 6.0 or above.

Spoiler Shield download link for iOS (free)

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