Spotify for iOS Receives Free Shuffle-Based Music Streaming Option

Spotify has finally unleashed the free mobile music streaming option on iOS. It’s a great news for those who enjoy mixtapes of their beloved artists.


The recently added free streaming option lets users to listen to their favorite playlist/artist, but the songs will be shuffled and randomly played. In other words, if you desire to listen to a particular song on your iOS device at the bus stop, you need to visit the Boss’s channel and just spin the roulette wheel to view which track comes first.

This feature isn’t a big deal with artists of limited tracks, but it offers a more deep shuffling experience with artists of more tracks. For the shuffle mode, there’s no need to pay money on a premium subscription; iPad users can play and listen to their desired tracks any time.

Moreover, the app still lets users to skip forward from one track to another. So just keep pressing on and you will be dancing in your favorite track in no time.

iOS users can grab the latest version of Spotify directly from the link given below for no charge. If you pay $9.99, you will become a premium member and you will be able to listen to your favorite tracks without any advertisements.

Spotify is a universal app optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. But it requires iOS version 6.0 or above to work with.

Spotify download link for iOS (free)

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