Square for iOS Brings the Ability to Record & Track All Payments

Square has just rolled out an update to its iOS app with new noteworthy features for all of Apple’s mobile devices and also added some iPad-specific enhancements.


Now the app allows users to record as well as track ‘all sorts of payments,’ along with gift cards and checks. This feature is available for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone users.

Square has brought 2 new features specific to iPad. iPad users can now access cash management, allowing them to integrate their cash drawer. Users can also connect a bluetooth printer and print off their stuff wirelessly.

Square app

Here’s the complete changelog of the new version:

  • Ability to record and track all types of payments, in addition to gift cards and checks.
  • You can reconcile the cash drawer smoothly and quickly with cash management, and connect a bluetooth printer and print your receipts wirelessly from portable SM-S220i. These 2 features are exclusive for iPad users.

This is not a major update, but it shows that the company is so eager to push its iOS offerings ahead.

iOS users can download the latest version of Square from Apple App Store. You can grab it for free and is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 5.0 or above.

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