Status-New iOS/Android App Launched to Tell Your Friends Your Phone is Dead

Meet Status, an all-new app which is meant to help you in a situation when your phone is dead and a loved one is calling or when you are driving or are in a meeting. This app is designed in such a way that it enables you to send out an automated message to the one calling in any of these situations.

Status is an app which makes use of the various sensors and data crammed in your phone to find out what you are Upto. It automatically shares this information with a finely-honed list of friends so that they don’t think that you ignored them or are in danger of any kind.  The app automatically sets your status ‘at (wherever)’ making use of the information it has at hand.

Status - auto status updates

This new app identifies if you are at home using the Wi-Fi you are connected to and also identifies when you are driving by making use of the Bluetooth car connection.  Ofcourse since you wouldn’t want the entire world to know what you are Upto, the app gives you a chance to approve each friend the information is going to. So go on, download the app now!

Status App Download for Android

Status App Download for IOS

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