Steinberg launches Cubasis multi-touch sequence App for iPad users

Steinberg, the most popular music production company from Germany has released Cubasis App, a multi touch sequencer for iPad. The new App has come up with more than 70 virtual instrument sounds, audio loops, dropbox, soundcloud, 300 MIDI and an audiocopy.

Cubasis App

 This App is specially designed for music makers and with the usage of this App, recording, editing and mixing will become bit simple. The App features familiar look of Cubase and gives you the feeling of staying at home once you launch the App in your iPad. The arrangement window to create a track list and inspector to mix the songs makes it more easy for music listeners to mix and record the tracks.

Cubasis Music App

 Key features of new Cubasis App:

  •  Unlimited MIDI tracks based on the device you use
  • More than 70 virtual instrument sounds based on the HALion Soinc
  • A mixer with more than 10 effect processors
  • A virtual keyboard to perform operations and virtual drum pads to record
  • Export music to cubase, Dropbox, audiocopy and email
  • Supports core Audio and MIDI compatible hardware components
  • Runs cubasis while playing music on background
  • Import track firm music library of iTunes or share music by iTunes filesharing

The App is supportive to iPad 2 and later generations of iPad including iPad Mini. To download cubasis App, visist Apple’s official App store.

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