Style Jukebox – a new music App available for iPhone users

Style Jukebox, a free iPhone App allows its users to gather their favourite music tracks and listen them from a cloud.

The App is developed by Jukebox Team and it’s really an interesting App that provides its users to access music on multiple devices along with those devices made by Apple.

Style Jukebox iOS App

 On installing the App for first time on your iPhone devices, the App will scan your device for music. The time required to finish this process of scanning depends on number of music tracks stored in your device.

Once the set up process gets completed, music content will be ready for streaming. Users can either stream the tracks directly or download them to listen in offline mode. Every time a new track is included via iTunes , it automatically gets added to your collection.

Style Jukebox App

 Key features:

  • Users can instantly access the Jukebox music library
  • Stream your favourite music playlists through Wi-Fi or any cellular network
  • Swipe songs to access them for offline playback
  • Create a temporary track listing
  • Play music in background and manage the playlist via lockscreen
  • Users can directly login with their Facebook account details

Style Jukebox may receive several new updates in coming future to fix the issues. Users to download the music streaming App must reach the official iTunes App store.

Download link:

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