Sudoku Free App Review

Daily we come across the Sudoku puzzle game in the newspapers or magazines. Now this game has come to your mobile devices, and tablets in the form of a digital format. Now no need to search any paper puzzles, you can install this Sudoku Free app on your devices and can play on the go.

Sudoku Free App

This game features a 9 by 9 grid with limited numbers. You need to fill the entire grid from 1 to 9 numbers. But a very interesting point here is that in an entire row, column and a box, 1 to 9 numbers should not be repeated. This turns the game much challenging and hard. Exercise your brain, think a lot and place the number in the appropriate position. When you even place a single number in the wrong position, your total game will be in a confused state and you feel like restarting the level. A single number makes a lot difference!

Sudoku Free Game

The game consists of good graphics and smooth interface. It consists of different difficulty levels from easy to extreme hard levels. Before you start the game, you are allowed to choose a difficulty level. For each level, you will have statistics tracking, including average times, percentage of your completion and fastest times. You also have optional hints system and an undo option. Before taking another step if you have noticed that you have placed a number in the wrong position, you can undo the step and can place the correct number, or else your total puzzle goes wrong.

Sudoku Free Review

The puzzles will be generated randomly; you will not find any repeated puzzles. The game has an intuitive interface and a great gameplay. You will never search for paper Sudoku again!

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