Suno- an Alarm clock App for iOS device users

Suno, a beautiful alarm clock App that supports all iOS device users. It’s a first kind of App that was designed by following ergonomic principles and users can check the principles involved in designing the layout of the App.

On installing the App, your iPhone Screen will transform as a beautiful dawn. The App will activate your iPhone screen and lighten your room with soft light that prepares your body for waking up. The light reach its maximum level based on the preferences that you set while installing the App.

Suno iOS App

The label ‘cycle’ of the App will allow iPhone 5 users to track the lightest stages of sleep and provides required information to set up the alarm for your resting needs in a best way so that you feel fresh and relaxed after waking up.

Suno App


  • Makes use of the flashlight to lighten up your room with soft light
  • Use the ‘New help messages’ section to clear your queries
  • Regularly check the new Twitter accounts related to App and win extensions for the App
  • Enhanced speed and accuracy
  • Many small bug fixes

The App, Suno is available for $0.99 and extra ring-tones can be brought through the in-app purchases.

Visit iTunes App store to download and install the App on your iPhone device.

Download link:

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