Swing King App – a new action game for iPhone and iPad users

Swing King, a new action game created by Chillingo Ltd for all the iPad and iPhone users. The goal of the player is to fling the king across various levels of the game, overcome obstacles, traps to gain stars and help the king in reaching his flying unicorn.

While playing game, make use of the simple controls to track the king’s trajectory and try to move out obstacles on his path. Use several power-ups like sticky grappling point and boxing glove to help the king in saving his kingdom.

Swingking iPhone App

Try to gather various stars coming your way in each stage and unlock all the hats to complete challenges and move to next level in the game. The king has to clear all 92 puzzling levels in order to save his kingdom.

The App is presented with a striking style and the game will take you through stunning colourful sets like pink clouds, lush jungles and dark forests to give more adventurous feeling for the player.

Swingking Game

Features of the game:

  • Play game with bouncy and elastics physics of the king
  • Play and clear all 92 puzzles to reach the final destination.
  • Complete challenges by grabbing stars and unlock all hats.

The App is available in English and it is compatible with all types of iOS devices such as iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad and all generations of iPod touch.

Download the App for $1.01 by visiting the link: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id501350181?mt=8.

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