Swipes for iOS Receives Support for Location-Based Reminders

Swipes, the brilliant task management app on iOS, has just received a major revamp with few significant changes.


Swipes was launched in 2013 June on the iOS platform and has got its first major revamp in the month of December. That overhaul has brought a fresh design in line with iOS 7 with latest motivational backgrounds and includes support for priorities and perform search within notes, tags, and tasks.

Now the latest update has introduced the task sharing functionality that has been exempted from the Swipes Plus and made available for all of the app’s users. This feature allows users to email their tasks and get help from their buddies with their list easily.

The latest version also includes support for location-based reminders in Swipes Plus. On the app’s description page, the company has explained that this feature helps you never miss on a task if you can do it from workplace, home, or a store. The app will remind you about the tasks based on your current location, the company adds.

Lastly, the revamp brings a new light theme as a good alternative to the already existing dark theme.

The latest version of Swipes for iOS is downloadable via the following link. The app is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 6.0 or above.

Swipes download link for iOS (free)

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