Syder Arcade HD – a challenging action game for iOS users

Syder Arcade game developed by Studio Evil for all iPhone and iPad device users. It’s not that easy to start the game as it involves three different space crafts. Each space craft has a different engine, speed, firepower and armour.

The game is quite simple to understand and play, users have to just follow the instructions when they play for first time. Syder Arcade comes with six missions to complete a story campaign along with one survival level.

Syder Arcade App

The missions that players come across are visually impressive and they get attracted with the graphics and music played at background of the mission.

Blasting away in the space gives a thrilling experience for all the players with top notch presentation graphics, sound effects and music.

Syder Arcade iOS App

Salient features:

  • Game involves shooting and dying to reach the final destination by clearing all missions
  • It comprises of 6 campaign levels and 1 survival mode level
  • Players can move the space crafts in two directions
  • Players have to blast at least 3 capital ships and 1 giant bug-ship to finish the mission
  • players are provided with skill-based badges to improve their scores
  • Excellent sound tracks are played at background that resembles Amiga-style
  • Zombie free
  • Provides game centre support to compete with other players

Visit iTunes App store and search under Games category to download the App for $0.99.

Download link:

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