Table Top Racing – a new car racing game for iOS device users

Table Top Racing, a new fast and intensive car racing game for all iOS users. This racing game features top quality animation graphics and intuitive game play that gives players an amazing racing experience.

The game involves different types of crazy cars and automobiles racing against each other on different tracks across the world by crossing over sized obstacles.

Table Top racing iOS game

Features of gaming App:

  • Supports multi-player battle with 4 players at a time
  • Game comprises of 18 leader boards, 10 upgradeable cards, 4 ferocious championships and 30+ special events
  • Game consists of 6 unique playing mode and players have to gain 9 cunning power-ups to reach 30 achievements and finish the game.
  • Supports 3D resolution on all compatible platforms
  • Supports iCloud Game Sync to save the game.

Table Top racing

Players can choose irresistible multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with four ‘frienemies’ and take part in the high octane battle to achieve a top place on the leader board.

With madcap weapons and discreet power-ups to gain while racing with cars on amazing tracks will excite the players and gives them a terrific gaming experience.

Players must gather coins to unlock cards and gain more number of weapons to blast their enemies and lead the race. The simple controls and amazing game-play will make “Table Top Racing” a stunning racing game for all mobile gamers.

Visits iTunes App store to download the game for $ 3.19.

Download link:

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