tadaa 3D for iOS Lets You Create Awe-inspiring 3D-style Photos

The folks behind the tadaa iOS photo app, have unleashed a new standalone app called tadaa 3D. This new app allows users to create magnificent 3D illusions by adding 3D layers to their photos!


tadaa 3D provides a 3D editor, with tools letting you mask parts of a photo to create the 3D effect. To get started, capture a photo or pick one from your camera roll. Then the app takes you to the ‘Mask’ mode where you can draw a hazy outline around any part of the photo you wish to receive the 3D effect. You are also allowed to zoom in photos to touch-up any parts within the photo.

tadaa 3D tadaa 3D app tadaa 3D for ios

You will also have an auto-detect feature that helps you create an accurate mask, but it’s not that perfect so expect to have to spend a little more time tidying up your subject. Once you are done with masking your subject, you can tap ‘Done’ button to generate the 3D level.

Before you upload the photo, you can edit it by adding your desired filters, crop, or adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast if you want. Then you can save it to your device’s camera roll or share it through Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

tadaa 3D app for ios tadaa 3D ios app tadaa 3D for iphone

On mobile, the photo generates wobbling effect when you tilt your screen. But if you share it on a social network, it animates automatically.

iOS users can grab this amazing tadaa 3D app from Apple App Store for $3.99. This app compatible with devices that run on iOS version 6.0 or above.

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