Tamagotchi-Like Virtual Pet App, Hatch Lands On iOS

The folks behind the to-do list app Clear, have released a new virtual pet app called Hatch on iOS. The app was supposed to be released early this year, but it was not. Since then the app has become a one of the most-awaited iOS releases in the recent memory.


It’s a Tamagotchi-like app and highly entertains those who love playing pet games; The game is set in a cartoon forest where you need to take care of a cute little pet called Fugu, looks like a spiky Japanese fish.

The app’s name originates from the fact that at the beginning, you will be given an egg, which you need to maintain and uphold until a Fugu is born from it. Then your endearing pet starts soliciting you for your attention, food and many.

Firstly, the app asks your favorite color, and to name your pet. Once you set these, you cannot change them as these decisions are permanent, so choose them carefully! Then the app uses your current location in order to ensure the lightning on the screen is in line with where your are currently, which gets you a sense of reality. And the fun starts here!

Hatch app

You feed your pet by dragging different fruits from the surrounding trees, clean it up after that and mostly try your best to keep it happy. If not, it might cry. And interestingly, your pet’s energy levels are related to your device’s battery and thus it sleeps when it’s time to recharge overnight.

This is a pretty good and fun virtual simulation game which differentiates itself from other similar games with polish and execution.

iOS users can download this Hatch game from the following link. The app is available for $1.99 and is compatible with iDevices powered by iOS 6.1 or above firmware.

Hatch download link for iOS ($1.99)

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