Tangent Photo App Hits iOS Platform

The independent creator of Deco Sketch photo app, Ben Guerrette, has now launched one more new photo app named Tangent for iOS users.

Tangent Tangent app

This new app provides different frames, blends, fills, shapes, and patterns to apply to your images in order to make them beautiful. In other words, this app takes your photos and allows you to choose from different aforementioned tools and customize effects as you want by adjusting the rotation, colors, size, zoom and capacity.

Overlays can be scaled, rotated, positioned and moved so easily. This feature is completely different from other static overlay apps, which lets users to position the effect much better to favor the image. Users are also allowed to pick ‘Start Afresh’ and develop their own trippiness from scratch.

In order to use this app, you first have to capture an image or take an image from your camera roll. Then the app presents a bunch of pre-set effects, including 15 different styles, 43 background fills, 39 shapes and 350 varied composite of blends and colors. But there are only 11 fills and 11 shapes are free to use, you need to spend $0.99 for each designer’s pack and artist via in-app purchase.

Tangent for ios Tangent app for ios

Once you are done with editing your photo, you can save that, start over, or share instantly on the social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or to the another app.

This new Tangent app is downloadable via Apple App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with devices running on iOS version 6.1 or later.

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