Tango launches Music Pix, a social instant photo slideshows

Tango, a mobile messaging platform has come out with the launch of another app which is especially designed to let users share photos with their friends and family.  This new app is called Tango Music Pix.  This is an app which lets you create 30 second slideshows which are customized.

Tango Music Pix App

Tango Music Pix is an app which doesn’t require you to drag, zoom or crop the pictures before you send them across to your friends.  What’s special about this app is that it does all the editing work itself.  This application enables users to share your pictures along with songs.

This application from Tango is aimed at the consumer market and is a slideshows builder from which you can share your slideshows on several social networking platforms including Twitter, Facebook, email or even Tango’s flagship messaging app.

Music Pix app from Tango is the first social application by the company which exists outside the main messaging application.  This app is available on the iTunes app store for free and all those who wish to download it can log onto the Apple app store and search for it.  Some other apps which exist in this league are Animoto, Sharalike and Flipagram.

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