Tap Paradise Cove – a fun gaming App for iPhone and iPad users

Pocket Gems Inc has launched a new adventurous game, Tap Paradise Cove for all iPhone and iPad device users. In this game, players initially arrive on a empty island and every player is assigned with a task to build a thriving colony, grow the town by fighting with the pirates.

Top Paradise Cove iPad App

Players can even build ships to reach the remote islands and create homes for new residents. While playing the game, players can explore other place and create a group of ships for treasure hunt and find out potential neighbours.

Top Paradise Cove iPhone App

Players in order to build a bustling city on deserted island, they must populate different animals like dogs, cows foxes, bakers, elicit ancient ruins and discover hidden treasures.

Fun features of the Top Paradise Cove game:

  •  Build your own town with houses and establish business for merchants and other tradespeople in the town.
  • Grow the small remote village in to an attractive city
  • Protect your island whenever pirates attack the town and order your army to fight against the pirates.
  • Explore new places around the island without fleet of ships and grab loads of treasures on the return voyage
  • Identify the rare mermaids and direct them to hunt for treasure.
  • Discover different types of exotic animals and treasure when you go on the voyage.

Top Paradise Cove App

This game is designed for both iPhone and iPad devices. Download this free App from the Apple official App store.

Download link:https://itunes.apple.com/app/id488845680.

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